Who we are

We don’t make judgements, we respect, we understand.


Who is Spectra?

Peer Services, improved lives.

Spectra's services are deisgned and delivered to you by staff and volunteers who are from your communities and share your identities.

This means that when using Spectra services, you have the confidence knowing that our staff, Board, managers and volunteers are made up of people just like you.

Spectra started life in 1996 as the West London Gay Men's Project, set up to prevent HIV transmission in local high risk populations by delivering services in the community as well as contributing to the evidence based research of the period.

Spectra has since broadened who we work with and the types of issues we support. We exist to support people of all sexualities, gender identities, cultural influences and ethnicities who want to make positive changes to their lives.

With a focus on sexual health and emotional wellbeing, we recognise that a person's sense of identity, well-being, culture, knowledge and confidence impacts strongly on the choices they make in life. This could be around isolation, attitudes to protecting yourself, relationships, resilience, stigma or substance use.

Our Vision

Spectra envisions a future where people from under-served and disadvantaged communities reach their full potential by being empowered, encouraged and supported to make positive, informed life-choices. Discrimination around gender, sexuality, trans status, health inequalities and related stigma has been eradicated and other barriers such as deprivation and racial inequality have been challenged and dismantled. Obstacles to accessing education, healthcare, and social welfare services have been removed and robust field-based evidence informs continuous improvement, service design and relevant public policy.

Our Mission

Spectra delivers supportive, knowledgeable, non-judgemental peer-based services to under-served communities.

Our Values

Evidence-based / Inclusive / Accessible / Knowledgeable and quality service / Non-judgemental / Peer based lived-experienced delivery

Our Principles

  1. Spectra values partnerships. Staff, Board, volunteers and clients are encouraged to become stakeholders in developing services. Through our shared goals, team members will be encouraged to commit to the principle of a shared mutuality and common purpose.
  2. We carry out our duties with diligence, ownership, accountability, responsibility and professionalism.
  3. We show a willingness to develop our working practice, share existing skills, knowledge and be open to acquiring new skills. We commit to contribute in whatever way we are able, to the development and enhancement of Spectra.
  4. We celebrate our rich and wide diversity and incorporate it into our working practice. We acknowledge that at times, differences in the team may present challenges for individuals, but we commit to grasp any challenges and maintain cohesion through fair, honest, reflective, and transparent dialogue.
  5. We recognise specifically our commitment to challenge homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism and other discriminatory behaviours and policies that negatively impact on individuals or groups of individuals.

By applying our shared values and principles we hope as a team to foster a culture of effective communication, cohesive working, professionalism and shared mutuality.

Spectra CIC Logo

HIV Testing and Free Condoms at Wimbledon Library

11 April 3:30 PM-6:30 PM

Wimbledon Library

Transgender online group

12 April 5:30 PM-7:30 PM


What we do


Do you need to talk to a professional to work through feelings or issues you are facing? If so check out our counselling service for LGBTQ young people and adults.


We run social groups for young people and people of trans experience, and other issue specific groups from time to time such as exploring sexuality, mindfulness, as well as therapeutic groups

HIV testing and Outreach

You will find us out and about in London delivering our rapid HIV testing and sexual health services. Check our Services Calendar or call 0800587 8302 to find out where we are and when.

One to one support

Our trained, peer staff can offer support to identify your goals and support you to achieve them

STI screening

Feel you need a sexual health MOT? Talk to our staff and book a free, confidential sexual health checkup

Training and Workshops

Want to explore issues around sexual health, sexual orientation and gender identity with others? We organise events for our communities and professionals. Contact us for more information.



Spectra is supported by a devoted team of Directors & Trustees, with varying professional and personal backgrounds and lived experience with our service users.


Spectra Team

Spectra’s dedicated staff teams are from the communities we work with, meaning we have different sexualities, gender identities, ethnicities, disabilities, HIV status’, language and cultures. This diversity is our strength. All the team are trained and fully committed to giving the best service possible to you.