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“Thank you for doing a wonderful job in raising awareness amongst the gay community. ”

Only through actions like this and people like you, will we stand strong and united. Best wishes for all the team!

“Thank you for reaching out! ”

I feel really isolated in my concerns over my sexual health and your survey has helped.

“This was useful, I learned about self-test and PrEP.”

I think you are doing great job in London, but kids and young gay men should be educated to more responsible sexual behaviour. Thank you!

“I am very impressed by the kindness and professionalism showed by the staff. ”

“Very friendly staff, made me feel comfortable. ”

“Effective service. Easily accessible to people living around which is nice.”

Thank you for this service. i think it is very nice and useful for people who would be normaly afraid to test themselves in the clinic

I wanted to know my HIV status. Lovely staff they were very friendly and made what could be a sensitive topic very relaxed.

I live near Heathrow in Hillingdon and actually registered with a GP + Heart of Hounslow because of the association with Spectra. There are no visible signs of LGBT services in Hillingdon borough and I lack confidence in GPs being supportive.
I really feel these kind of services are good for people who don't know how to get tested with sexual health clinics. I hope you keep doing the great job you guys are doing. I very much enjoyed. I will definitely recommend you guys to friends and family.
Always find this service very welcoming and supportive. I appreciate that everyone is gay friendly as it is important that I'm not judged such as a GP setting. They provide lots of advice. Can't recommend the service enough.
I talked to a lady who told me about the test. I've just cleared hep C, so wanted to make sure I was clean of HIV. Due to the fact I was a drug user. (IV) The staff are helpful and gave all the information I needed.
Excellent team. I'm particularly anxious and they were remarkably empathic and kind
Everyone I dealt with was very personable and I'm glad they were out here today on the Common.
Just want to say a massive thank you for your services, much appreciated. Keep up the work you're doing as there is many vulnerable people that need the support and help you guys provide. Good job. Thanks again

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