Spectra’s free, confidential, independent Trans Health Advocacy Service supports and empowers trans, nonbinary, and gender-diverse people accessing any kind of healthcare.


Improving access to healthcare for trans communities.


Why work with an advocate?

People who experience transphobia and transmisogyny face unique barriers to care, transition-related or otherwise. An advocate can give you practical support to make informed decisions, challenge discrimination, and make your voice be heard.

Our trans health advocate can help you:

  • Explore ways to improve access to mental and/or physical healthcare
  • Understand and defend your healthcare rights
  • Know your options for medical transition
  • Challenge discrimination from healthcare providers
  • Make your voice heard for better healthcare support
  • Accompany you to appointments, do phone calls, write emails, and fill in forms

You lead the advocacy process every step of the way towards a specific goal, with the advocate’s role varying depending on your needs. Advocates represent your voice at your direction and empower you to speak for yourself whenever possible.


Who can use the service?

One-on-one advocacy support is available to anyone age 18+ primarily based in London who considers themselves under the trans umbrella, including people who are trans, nonbinary, intersex, genderqueer, crossdressing, gender nonconforming, and questioning.

For people outside of London, we run regular virtual workshops/Q&A sessions/drop-in sessions about trans healthcare and trans patients’ rights. We can also provide information and advice via email. Get in touch for more information at


How do I start working with an advocate?

Fill in our referral form here. We’ll be in touch within 5 working days to discuss how we can help.

Referral Form

Our support might include giving you self-advocacy resources, signposting you to a more appropriate service, or doing one-on-one work with an advocate. If one-on-one support is right for you, you’ll work with an advocate for a fixed period of sessions depending on your needs.

Please note we are not a crisis service and may sometimes have a waitlist in place. We can help connect you to support for legal, social, housing, and financial issues, but can’t take these on for one-on-one work. For emotional support and crisis resources, check out our Counselling page.

For more information about how advocacy works, check out flyers. Email us with questions or for more information at

Flyer for clients

Flyer for professionals

We also run weekly workshops for those who have questsions about medical transition or other trans health issues. Please read the document below for more information about these workshops and how to attend them.

Spectra Trans Health Advocacy Workshops