SW Project

We provide free and confidential support services for sex workers who live, work, or socialise in the London Boroughs of Richmond and Wandsworth.

  • Community outreach Sessions
  • Provision of safer sex initiatives, including testing and treatment.
  • Advocacy support to include support with wider issues.
  • Referrals schemes to other agencies, including Drug & Alcohol Services.
  • Wellbeing services to include safer sex packs, safe sex advice and harm minimisation.

If you would like to find out more about our these services, please ask Alex.



SWP Counselling

Our Sex Worker Counselling Service is free, confidential, and run by qualified counsellors who are informed and knowledgeable about sex worker affirmative counselling – some of our counsellors have lived experience in sex work, some are allies in the process of undertaking specialised training in supporting sex workers, and all are working in collaboration with staff with lived experience.

Once we have received your registration form, one of our counsellors will invite you for an initial appointment to determine whether counselling is the right thing for you at the moment. You may then be offered up to 12 sessions of either individual counselling or group art therapy. We operate on a hybrid model, offering both face-to-face and online/phone sessions.

Although we are a service for people who identify as sex workers, the reason for coming to counselling can be absolutely anything and does not have to revolve solely around your work. The service exists to provide a safe space for people who may find it difficult or daunting to access counselling from other services.

If you would like to find out more about this service,  please email counselling@spectra-london.org.ukfor more information.

SWP Counselling Registration Form


SWP Advocacy

People who experience social exclusion because of their work being stigmatised face unique barriers to care, sexual health-related or otherwise.
Our sex worker advocate can help you:

  • Explore ways to improve your access to mental and/or physical healthcare
  • Challenge discrimination from healthcare providers
  • Understand your legal rights as a sex worker
  • Communicate with services and professionals on your behalf
  • Make your voice heard for better care coordination and support
  • Accompany you to appointments to help take notes, ask questions, and keep you safe (like asking for a break if you’re feeling overwhelmed)
  • Explore opportunities to do other forms of work, including help with writing a CV, making job applications and preparing for interviews
  • Connect you to sex worker communities

You lead the advocacy process every step of the way, with the advocate’s role varying depending on your needs. Our sex worker advocate represents your voice at your direction – they’ll make sure you have all the information you need and help you construct a plan, but won’t make decisions for you or give you their opinion.

For more information about how advocacy works, check out flyers. Email us with questions or for more information at askalex@spectra-london.org.uk.

SWP Advocacy Infomation

If you want to talk to our staff about your case directly, please fill in the consent form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

SWP Advocacy Service Consent and Working Agreement