'Trans’ is an umbrella term that includes anyone whose gender doesn’t correspond with the assignment made at birth. Our peer-led trans services are accessible to all trans and gender-diverse people, including but not limited to those who are trans men and women, agender, non-binary, queer and gender-fluid, not medically transitioning, not out, questioning, intersex and gender non-conforming.

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Transgender online group

17 May 5:30 PM-7:30 PM


Non-binary online group

22 May 5:30 PM-7:30 PM


Transgender online group

24 May 5:30 PM-7:30 PM


Trans, non-binary or questioning?

Trans, non-binary or questioning? Spectra’s Services are for you

Spectra offers social groups, 121 support, counselling and workshops. Spectra’s services are delivered by people of trans experience themselves in a friendly, safe, confidential, non-judgemental and accessible space.

Our Trans Services

  • Social Groups
  • Counselling
  • 1-2-1 Mentoring
  • Advocacy, referral and Signposting
  • Workshops
  • Participatory Evaluation Group

Not sure what you need? You can complete our Spectra Trans health and wellbeing assessment. We call it a BASK, which stands for Behaviour, Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge; these are the four areas of thought we want to address and build on to support your health & wellbeing bringing it to the forefront of your mind. Our staff will contact you based on your assessment result and point you to the suitable support.


Trans Counselling

Spectra counselling service offers a safe, trans-inclusive space to discuss and explore your thoughts and feelings and find a way forward. We work with a range of issues and concerns – it does not have to relate directly to gender identity. Online and telephone counselling is also offered.

Is counselling right for me?

Speak to our counsellor about whether counselling is right for you, and explore counselling and other options with them. For more information, please email or call 020 3322 6923.

  • Keen to explore your identity?
  • Concerned about a relationship or situation?
  • Low or anxious?
  • In need of some extra support?

Check out our Trans Counselling page for more information or contact our counsellor.

Trans Counselling


Peer Mentoring

Spectra supports individuals who would like holistic support around any issues that are important to them. For more information check out our Spectra Peer Mentoring information page.

Trans Peer Mentoring

Workshops & Groups

Are you interested in joining our social groups for trans, non-binary and questioning people? We offer a safe, trans-led space to meet, socialise, support, take part in activities, workshops and enjoy a variety of speakers. Drop in or contact us in advance to check details. You can also check out a map of the venues on our website.

Contact the groups now and get support or call us on 0800 587 8302.

Feedback from people who have used our service includes: “I felt in sensitive and considerate hands, which was brilliantly reassuring.”

Why join a group?

  • Our Spectra trans-led groups give you an opportunity to meet other people of trans experience and share experiences, activities and support each other.
  • Spectra groups are free, fun and empowering.

Spectra also offer a range of workshops designed and delivered by our trans staff. For more information check out our Spectra Groups information page.

Trans Groups & Workshops

Health Advocacy

Spectra’s peer-led, free, confidential, independent Trans Health Advocacy Service supports and empowers trans, nonbinary, and gender-diverse people accessing any kind of healthcare.

Our trans health advocate can help you:

  • Explore ways to improve access to mental and/or physical healthcare
  • Understand and defend your healthcare rights
  • Know your options for medical transition
  • Challenge discrimination from healthcare providers
  • Make your voice heard for better healthcare support
  • Accompany you to appointments, do phone calls, write emails, and fill in forms

Trans Health Advocacy


Meet our trans team