LGBTQ+ Support

We believe that each individual is the authority on their sexual and gender identity. We honour your chosen name and pronouns. We understand that your identity is unique and doesn't have to fit an identified category or label.


Respect. Inclusion. Affirmation.

Unit-T Project

We are funded by Children In Need to provide support for young people (13-18) who identify as LGBTQ+ or are questioning their gender or sexuality.

We are providing counselling and social group for LGBTQ+ young people in London as detailed below.

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Counselling is available for LGBTQI+ young people (13-18) who live in pan-London and feel they would benefit from one-to-one psychological support. Counselling sessions are currently held online on Zoom. The counselling for young LGBTQI+ people is a free service offering up to 12 individual sessions.

Counselling falls under the umbrella term “talking therapies” and allows you to discuss your problems and any difficult feelings you encounter in a safe, confidential, non-stigmatising space.

The dialogue between you and your counsellor can be verbal as well as explored through creative media for example: drama therapy, poetry, or art making.

Creativity can be helpful in accessing parts of ourselves for which we may struggle to find spoken words, and can offer ways to take a step back from the problem and reflect on it from a different angle.

Counselling can offer support in a range of areas including: sexual and gender identity; confidence and self-esteem; relationships (family, peer, or sexual); and transitioning.

It is a voluntary service and sessions are tailored to your needs and goals. Find out more by watching this video:

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If you feel you would benefit from counselling support please complete the registration form online directly.

YP Counselling Registration

If you are filling the form on behalf of someone else, please ensuring they consent to their information being shared, and a worker will be in touch.

Pyramid Youth Group

Pyramid is a youth group for 13–18-year-olds who identify as LGBTQI+ and want a space to socialise with other LGBTQI+ young people.

As well as being a space to socialise, Pyramid members can find support with their mental health, gender/sexual identity, and personal development. We run sessions on lots of different themes, including mental health, relationships, and all things queer.

Sessions are run by our LGBTQI+ Youth Worker, along with support staff and volunteers.

Additionally, group members have access to 1-2-1 appointments with a youth worker to discuss anything regarding their wellbeing.

Since September 2021, Pyramid is offering a hybrid service. This means we have session online via Zoom and face-to-face sessions.

Online sessions – Pyramid’s online sessions run every Monday from 6:30pm-8pm on Zoom, term-time only, and is the main group. This is open to teenagers across the UK.

The group runs a variety of sessions, with regular spaces where we catch up with each other’s week and check-in (these are our Chat & Chill sessions), as well as activity sessions which are on a broad range of topics. Previously, we’ve done sessions on drawing drag queens, origami, consent, coping skills, queer history, and much more. It’s always a fun time!

Face-to-face sessions – Pyramid’s in-person sessions run on the weekends once a month, and acts as an addition to the online group. These sessions are open to teenagers across London only.

As this is a new part of the group, we are still developing these sessions. These sessions may involve days out in London where we might go to the cinema, museums, bowling, picnics, and dine at restaurants.


If you are looking to join, you are asked to complete a New Members Form and will have an introductory conversation with the Youth Worker via Zoom before being invited to join the group; this is to preserve confidentiality and protect existing group members. After that, you’ll have access to the youth group, where you’ll be put on our mailing list to access Zoom details and information about in-person sessions.

New Member Registration

If you are filling the form on behalf of someone else, please ensuring they consent to their information being shared, and a worker will be in touch.