Sam Russo (They/he)

Clinical Supervisor

Sam is a registered HCPC & BADth dramatherapist and clinical supervisor. They work across the UK and Italy with queer communities, offering individual and group therapy, supervision, and consultancy. For Spectra Sam works as a clinical supervisor.

Sam describes themselves as a citizen of the world, learning how to walk gently on Earth. Their work brings together queer culture and eco response-ability with a soulful perspective.

In their free time Sam enjoys being outdoors; walking, meditating, and expressing themselves through creative languages.

In a world stuck in binary oppositions, the work Sam does aims to offer a safe space to sit at the crossroads. The oblique approach of Sesame meets queer culture both pointing at a third space which native language is the open, not-interpretative image. Taking a step back from the literalised world of everyday life and one forward into the metaphorical of stories, myths and dreams can allow expansion of vision beyond the periphery of ego culture.

Sam’s approach is deeply influenced by Jungian psychology. Their core training in the Sesame approach to dramatherapy as well as in Authentic Movement and in clinical supervision (Re-Vision) reflect a mythopoetic approach to Psyche. You may wonder if the process is a linear one, indeed, it is not. As Jung suggests ‘the way is not straight but appears to go round in circles’ (Jung, CW12, para.34)