Spectra Covid-19 update

Sam Russo


Sam’s pronouns are he/they. He is a person who identifies with the umbrella term ‘queer’.

Sam is a registered HCPC Drama and Movement Therapist. He works as Project Lead for the Youth LGBTQI+ Counselling Service at Spectra CIC as well as offering clinical supervision to some of the counsellors on the team.

Sam’s approach is deeply influenced by Jungian psychology. his core training in the Sesame approach to Dramatherapy is grounded in soul-making – analytical/archetypal psychological perspectives. His trainings in Authentic Movement and in Phototherapy techniques reflect a mythopoetic approach to the psyche. One may wonder if the process is a linear one, indeed, it is not. As Jung suggests ‘the way is not straight but appears to go round in circles’ (Jung, CW12, para.34)

In a world that is becoming over-polarised in the binary oppositions, whether to be right/wrong, black/white or male/female, Sam’s work as a creative arts therapist is to offer a space for clients to sit at the crossroads. The oblique approach of Sesame meets queer culture both pointing at a third space which native language is the open, not-interpretative image. Taking a step back from the literalised world of everyday life and one into the metaphorical of stories, myths and dreams can allow us to expand our vision and periphery pointing at new dimensions.