Oliver O'Donohoe

Relationships, Sex & Identity Mentor; Volunteer Counsellor

Relationships, sex, and identity mentor for children and young adults in the borough of Wandsworth.

Oliver delivers 121 and workshop provision in schools and youth clubs across south-west London. He is also experienced in training professionals and is currently himself training as a counselling-psychotherapist. He has worked in sexual health since 2013, starting at METRO Charity where he continues to deliver mentoring provision specifically for boys and young men.

Following the current government advice in response to Covid -19, Spectra is suspending all our face to  face services until further notice. These include sexual health outreach and HIV & STI testing.


If you are seeking HIV & STI tests, you can get a home testing kit from https://www.shl.uk/.


If you need any sexual health advice, please use our live chat to speak to our staff.

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