Spectra Covid-19 update


SPECTRA has been commissioned to deliver sexual health services via an Outreach, Prevention and Engagement Programme in Wandsworth to support identified vulnerable/high risk individuals who meet the qualifying criteria. Services include counselling, mentoring, group work, 121 in-depth support, outreach, HIV testing and STI screening.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Live, work or socialise/in education in Wandsworth
  • 13+ years,
  • Not attending mainstream ISH services, difficulty attending ISH services.
  • Unprotected sex, Low/unrealistic knowledge levels around sex and sexual health
  • Sexual exploitation and consent issues
  • Consent, Protection, Harassment, Bullying and Abuse.
  • Groups can include, and not limited to: Boys and Young Men, Learning Difficulties, Disabilities, Young LGBT (up to 25, but with an emphasis on Under 18s), Homeless/risk of homeless, Black African and Black Caribbean communities.

COUNSELLING eligibility criteria includes the above, plus:

  • Consent to counselling assessment which indicates counselling is appropriate and suitable.
  • Client consents/commits to attend regular sessions
  • Client is stable and not under the care of other therapeutic professionals.

Spectra’s Wandsworth team include: Outreach Mentor, Counsellor, Outreach Programme Manager and Programme Sessional staff.

Thematic focus:

  • Sex and sexual health
  • Healthy Relationship Challenging Unhealthy Gender roles/perception and identity,
  • Consent, Self-esteem/healthy self, Pornography/exploitation,
  • Sexual Bullying (incl. social and online media), Stigma/discrimination,
  • Sexualised use of Drugs & Alcohol and Mindfulness for stress/health.


  • Offering sexual health and contraception information, risk assessment, HIV testing, STI screening,
  • Specific group events
  • National campaigns, such as national HIV Testing Week (NHTW)

For referring a young person to our mentoring or 1-2-1 support service, please complete and return the referral form.

If you are interested in a group provision (singular or series of 6) or have questions about referring an individual for a one-to-one intervention (up to 6 sessions) please do get in touch.

Oliver O’Donohoe, Wandsworth Outreach Mentor  oliver@spectra-london.org.uk / 07731 012072

For Counselling contact: counselling@spectra-london.org.uk