SPECTRA has been commissioned to deliver sexual health services to young people in Merton via an outreach, prevention, and engagement programme in Merton. Services include 121 support around sexual health and related issues, mentoring, STI screening – including HIV testing, and contraception support. Spectra will also deliver training to other professionals around sexual health, contraception and young people, and have expertise and services for trans and non-binary people, including social support groups and counselling for this group.




  • Live, work, socialise, or are in education in Merton
  • Aged 13-24 inclusive
  • Vulnerable to or engaging in risky behaviour relating to sexual activity
  • Low/unrealistic knowledge levels around sex and sexual health; including issues of consent, contraception, and healthy relationships



Drop-in 1:1 support around contraception, relationships, and sexual health (including STI screening and pregnancy testing), sexuality and gender identity

Structured 1:1 mentoring covering topics such as consent, self-esteem, and healthy relationships (this will be tailored to the needs of the individual client)

Support for vulnerable groups e.g. LAC, YOT, and those not in mainstream education

Registering young people to the Merton condom scheme; delivering condom demonstrations, and distributing condoms

Supporting Sex and Relationship Education within schools where requested, covering topics such as: gender identity, pornography, stigma and discrimination, and abuse

Onward referrals to specialist services where appropriate, including fast-track referral pathway to a Specialist Nurse who can provide EHC and LARC

STC Nursing Poster Wimbledon arts college

Engagement in events and national campaigns e.g. National HIV Testing Week (NHTW), Condom Week

Training to professionals around Sexual Health, contraception, and strategies for talking to young people about sexual health and relationships.

If you are interested in referring an individual for a 1:1 intervention (up to 6 sessions), or for training, please get in touch:

Cat Archer, Young Person’s Sexual Health Coordinator, Merton / 07712 404251

For any referrals, please feel free to complete the referral form and send it back to us directly.

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