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KaS Project

Well-Being Events for BAME LGBTQI+ people


KaS Project offers FREE support sessions and socials in a safe space online.

What's KaS Project

KaS is a collaboration between Club Kali (BAME LGBTQI social network) and Spectra (Sexual health and wellbeing service charity).

KaS Project brings you interactive Well-Being Sessions & Socials to enable the LGBTQ+ BAME community to re-connect, get support, be inspired, learn and explore self- awareness  in safe, online space led by professional facilitators.

“.. a much needed, beautiful space … to have this space, feel connected even through a virtual platform was just special … so grateful that this space has appeared at a time when I really felt I needed something but didn’t know this was what I needed ”

—Kas member Sunitha

All KaS events recognise and address the experience of LGBTQ+ people from a BAME/South Asian heritage. LGBTQ+ friends and allies are also welcome to sign up, learn, engage, and socialise, so Register and then Sign Up for Sessions! Registration is required to maintain a safe, friendly LGBTQ+ space.

The aim of the Kas Well-Being Project Sessions & Socials is to

  • enable LGBTQ+ people mainly from the BAME/South Asian community to re-connect online given the absence of physical meeting spaces
  • support members of the LGBTQ+ BAME/South Asian community, LGBTQ+ friends & allies also welcome
  • increase self-awareness – discover your needs and strengths
  • increase confidence – explore new things such as Mindfulness, or Bolly-Pop Dance
  • enable interactive learning by understanding theory & practice eg, Relationships & Intimacy, Self-care, Personal Resilience, Boundaries, Sexual health & More
  • celebrate and have fun eg, World Aids Day, Festive Christmas Socials which will include quizzes, games & giveaways

Each Session will provide more detail about what’s involved in the session when you sign up.

We will also have small physical events to enable members to come together again when Covid-19 Guidelines permit. Relevant safety measures will be in place to ensure any physical events are run safely.

Tell us how we did!

The KaS Project Well-Being Project (Kali & Spectra partnership) has now ended. Our range of activities were shaped by you – what you told us you needed during lockdown. And we’d love to build on it.

We’d love 5 minutes of your time to tell us what you most enjoyed from our sessions, and add in your own words what helped and how we can build on the services we provide.

We’d be super happy if you could give us any quotes, or more info about yourself and how the activities helped. If you didn’t make any of the sessions, we’d still love to hear from you as to what might have prevented you zooming in. Your comments will be super helpful, to provide feedback to our funders and to help shape future services. So here’s where we really mean it when we say a big thank you for your time.

The Kas Project Well-Being Project (Kali & Spectra partnership) has now ended. Our range of activities were shaped by you – what you told us you needed during lockdown. And we’d love to build on it.The Kas Project Well-Being Project (Kali & Spectra partnership) has now ended. Our range of activities were shaped by you – what you told us you needed during lockdown. And we’d love to build on it.

Simply go to our event page and register for the event(s) that interest you.

If you’d like to talk to us privately, on WhatsApp or Zoom, simply email us your Name, Mobile Number and a day/time to contact you. We’ll text you to confirm the appointment. All our workshops are hosted in Zoom. If you are new to Zoom, or not confident about using it, we’ll show you in the private session.

Spectra will process and be in control of the data provided on this form. The information which you provide in this form and any other information obtained or provided during further communication will be used for the purpose of assessing your suitability for the service, in emergency situations e.g. to protect life or in a medical situation, and in relation to legitimate interests of our business.

If you choose to leave KaS, the information will be retained for a further 6 months in the event of a more suitable service opportunity arising, after which time it will be destroyed.

You have the right to data portability, request access to, rectification or erasure of your data collected as part of this process.

So that we may use the information for the above purposes and on the above terms, we are required to obtain your explicit consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time and the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner.

For more information, please refer to our private policy.

KaS rules

We want to maintain a safe LGBTQ+ space online for all KaS Sessions & Socials. Signing up with any KaS events includes your agreement to the Group Agreement rules below which may change over time. Feel free to add to these, speak to us privately, or you can email: kali@spectra-london.org.uk with any questions or suggestions.

Group Agreement

1. Timing

KaS will begin and end meetings on time. We will have time either before or after the event to chat to you privately if you wish, you can book this when you register. If you’re not confident with tech or on zoom, we can help and show you before a session – just book a private chat.

2. Inclusiveness

KaS Project recognises the specific needs of LGBTQ+ people from BAME communities. All KaS sessional are created with BAME/South Asian heritage focus. LGBTQ+ Friends & Allies who are not from a BAME community are welcome to join and learn more about LGBTQ+ BAME/South Asian experiences.

3. Confidentiality

Everything shared in the KaS sessions must be kept confidential. This means you cannot repeat or share people’s information in any way. This includes no filming / recording or repeating of any content. An exception applies to the Session Facilitator/s and KaS staff who will introduce themselves and are required to act if they observe anything of concern, eg, if a participant is in danger or needs immediate intervention to keep them and everyone safe. In such a case, the staff will move the participant with themselves into another room or go offline to follow up.

4. Preparation for Sessions

You’d normally make sure you’ve got your essential belongings when you go out. As we’re staying in on zoom, you’ll need some things ready for certain sessions. Pen and Paper, or even fun items! We’ll let you know what you need, if anything when you book your session.

5. Visibility

All participants are required to be visible on camera at all times. The sessions are interactive, for you to engage and benefit in different ways. Therefore hiding or ‘ghosting’ online is not allowed, and anyone doing so will be removed. Given you will be visible, please dress suitably.

6. Respect & Kindness

Be Respectful & Kind. The group is a safe place to share feelings, to learn, to connect with each other and engage. The facilitator will lead and explain how each session will run at the start. Everyone will get a chance to talk and share opinions which may be different to yours so please be kind, open and try not to judge others by what they say or how they look. Silence is not acceptable. We don’t expect you to share anything that you feel uncomfortable about, the sessions are intended to empower and enable learning.

Please do not take part whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs as this reduces self-control and responsible behaviour. Any behaviour or language that is considered to be disrespectful by the facilitator/s will result in that participant being removed from the session.

7. Session Topics & Support

We will cover topics which include relationships, loss, isolation, as well as having lighter fun events. People have different experiences, past and recent, and different levels of confidence online. If you need extra help, technical or otherwise, ‘raise a hand’ or message the host privately and we will support you privately, eg, in a breakout room. Sometimes, talking and sharing experiences can bring up feelings which maybe cannot wait until the end of the session. If this happens, don’t worry, let us know and we will support you away from the group. We understand it is a difficult time for many of us that is why we are also offering one-to-one private chat options to talk to us after sessions.

8. Interruption

Turn mobile phones to silent and ideally away from the device you are using for the session. If you need to take an emergency call, please let the facilitator and/or everyone know that you have to leave via the chat function.

9. Feedback – Polls

We would love to know what you got from the KaS Project sessions and socials. This way we can put on more sessions that matter to you. Your feedback will also help in many different ways; to inform services, funding reports and future projects. We will do a short poll which is anonymous at the start of each session, and at the end of each session. This will be 5/6 questions which require you to simply grade your answer. Any extra feedback is most welcome, via chat, verbally, or privately by email.

We would love to follow up and ask you for more detailed feedback, you can tick yes or no to this option. We welcome any statements you’d like us to share which can be anonymised if you wish.