TNB Online Groups

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Spectra’s All groups are online to keep you informed, safe, supported and connected.


Groups for people of trans experience, non-binary and questioning individuals

TNB Online Groups

Spectra’s Empowerment and Support programme’s peer led Non-Binary and Trans Groups offer an opportunity for a diverse range of people who identify on the trans and non-binary spectrum to meet and engage like-minded individuals to explore, discuss and support each other in a safe, welcoming space. Addressing a range of issues faced by individuals – social isolation, stigma, prejudice and transphobia, that can lead to gender dysphoria, isolation and poor mental health. Empowerment is a key feature of the online social groups and Spectra’s trans programme engages the knowledge, energy & experience of service users, mentors, volunteers and staff of trans experience, providing peer led mentoring, workshops, podcasts, peer support and counselling that work to build resilience, resourcefulness, skills and strength for the trans and non-binary community. We believe that people of trans experience are community assets and we use our peer expertise to provide services that build resourcefulness and strength, empowering self and empowering communities. We are offering two groups:

  1. Non-Binary group, for people self identified as non-binary only. This group is running every other week;
  2. A general trans group, and all for trans, non-binary and questioning people. This group runs every Friday.

You can choose choose to join one or both of these groups base on your situation. Before click on the Registration button at the bottom of this page, please read the following group roles carefully. Once registered successfully, you will be able to receive an email confirmation with details of how to access the group and how to keep the group meetings in your diary. Our staff will contact those unsuccessful applicants individually and suggest more suitable service accordingly.

All applicants MUST be verified before receiving access information to the online groups. Please monitor your email inbox (or junk tray) for a Zoom invite to the verification meeting, which will take no longer than 10 minutes.  

Coming Up

Any queries, comments or concerns about the topics can be brought up by the group at a session, or via email: You can also suggest your topics here for the group(s) you are attending.

Suggest Topics

Group Rules &Application

Online Social Group Ground rules (updated 02/2024)

In order to make our online social groups a safe space for everyone to attend these are some basic rules devised by the group for the Social Group participation. The group will periodically revisit and amend the list of rules if necessary, to ensure these rules still work for the group. Any queries comments or concerns about the group rules can be brought up by the group at a session, or you can email:

Group Agreement


The non-binary and transgender groups are open to all those on the trans spectrum including those who are questioning their gender identity.

We do not tolerate racism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism, misogyny, sexism or gender policing.

We are a social group not a support or therapy group, please be mindful about what you are sharing.

We have a zero tolerance policy on aggression or abuse shown to our facilitators or group members. This includes any aggressive or abusive emails, which will result in you being asked to leave the group.


We ask that everything said and heard in the group is kept confidential, as such we ask that there is no filming or taking photos in the group. The chat is set to disappear after the group to ensure this is a safe space.

Alcohol and other drugs

We ask that you have not been drinking alcohol prior to or during the group and that you are not under the influence of non-prescription drugs.

Clothing and attire

We ask that you are suitably attired. Pjs are acceptable as long as you are covered.


The group is a safe place to share feelings, and to obtain and provide support, information, reassurance and encouragement.

We understand that life can be difficult, but where possible please try and be positive.
Please be respectful of cultural differences. Please do not compare different forms of oppression, such as racism with transphobia.

Please add trigger warnings for sensitive topics raised and leave enough space for people to mute the group or step away if they wish. Please do not raise sensitive topics in the chat.

Several issues will contain trigger warnings, and as such not all topics can be discussed, if in doubt please check with a facilitator or moderator privately before sharing.

The group offers respect for individual choices and experiences. During the meeting please be respectful of peoples’ opinions and their feelings any rudeness will not be tolerated. Please assume best intentions and respond to group members with kindness.

Silence is acceptable. No one needs to say anything they does not wish to say. The group is supportive rather than judgmental.

We are a no drama group, anyone causing drama or distress may be asked to leave.

Taking turns

We will ask you to raise your hand either physically, virtually or message in the chat if you want to speak so that we can enable everyone who wants to talk on a topic to do so.


Turn mobile phones to silent. If you need to take a call, please do so outside of the group.

You are able to eat in the group but please stop your camera whilst you’re eating.

If you raise your voice or shout at others during the group, you will be muted.

If one of our facilitators interrupts you, it is for a reason, please listen to them and respect that we have to follow our group rules.


If something makes you feel uncomfortable please let one of the facilitators know.

If there is a problem or argument, do not join the argument, flag this to a facilitator and let them sort it out.

Any feedback good or bad please let us know either in the group or email us.

Apply for Spectra group membership

By clicking the button above, you agree that you have read our privacy policy and agree with our group rules.


All applicants MUST be verified before accessing the groups so that we can keep the space safe. Verifications take place each week and you will be notified of the next opportunity via email. If you have not heard from us and have checked your JUNK folder within a week please email:  The verification process consists of a quick chat with our social group moderator and offers a chance to ask any questions you may have.  

Are the groups disability friendly?

At the social groups we provide subtitles and can provide descriptions as and when useful. We are inclusive and accessible to all trans and non-binary folks with disabilities. If you have a question or disability that means you would need support accessing the groups, please let our moderator know in the verification email or feel free to email Cavyn at

Do I have to attend every session?

You do not have to attend every session, we have some group members who like to join us every week and some who like to drop in now and then, there is no expectation or pressure!

What if I work late and can only join after the group has started?

If you’re working late don’t worry, you can still join us when you can, just be mindful that you might be joining us in the middle of a discussion so it may take a few minutes for us to say hi to you.

Can I join from a public place?

You can join us from a public space as long as there is minimal background noise and you are using headphones.

Can my partner join this group?

Unfortunately, all our groups are transgender and non-binary folks only, for any parent or partner groups please visit Gendered Intelligence.

What if something said in the group worries me?

If something in the group worries or upsets you, please contact us at and they will help you discuss the issue.

What if someone in the group isn’t trans or non-binary?

Our group is open to all those who are trans, non-binary or questioning their gender identity, everyone has been through the same verification process. We also have a moderator and facilitator in the group who are there to ensure the group runs smoothly and there are no issues, feel free to reach out to them during the group if you have a problem or question.

Do I have to speak and be on camera at the online groups?  

As everyone has been through the same verification process, you are able to be off camera and only listen if you’d prefer it that way. We do have the chat function so you can join in as little or as much as you’d like. If you’d rather just listen, let one of our facilitators know when you join so that we don’t call on you for introductions and icebreaker.