Spectra Covid-19 update

Community Participatory Evaluation Group

Our Trans Programme participatory evaluation group is designed to recognise and include our peer trans and non-binary service users as important stakeholders in service improvement and evaluation.


What is the group for?

Our community participatory evaluation group intends to expand the notion of accountability to answer not only whether our organisation is fulfilling the terms of the funding we receive, but also whether we are fulfilling the needs and goals of the communities we serve. Please take a look of the 2020 evaluation report produced by the group.

Who can join the group?

  • Any current and former trans and non-binary service users who would like to share their experience of using Spectra services.

How often does the group meet?

  • It is for the group members to decide. Currently, it is once every month.

Will I be paid for contributing my time?

  • Yes! When you take part in our Trans Community Participatory Evaluation workshops, your time spent will be paid accordingly.


Your views are important to us. Please apply to be part of our evaluation group by completing the application from and returning it to CPEG@spectra-london.org.uk.


If you are interested but still have questions, please email us for more information.

Group Coordinator

June Bellebono

June Bellebono (they/she) is one of Spectra’s peer mentors, alongside being a peer facilitator for the Community Evaluation Group for the last year. Outside of Spectra, they work as a community organiser and writer – with their focus ranging from transfeminine Southeast Asian identities, and the intersection of queerness and grief.