Transgender online group

May 24, 2024 10:49 am

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Transgender online group


Spectra’s Empowerment and Support programme’s peer led Non-Binary and Trans Online Groups offer an opportunity for a diverse range of people who identify on the trans and non-binary spectrum to meet and engage like-minded individuals to explore, discuss and support each other in a safe, welcoming space. Addressing a range of issues faced by individuals – social isolation, stigma, prejudice and transphobia, that can lead to gender dysphoria, isolation and poor mental health.

If you have any questions or would like to have further discussions around your access needs prior to joining the group, please email us at

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Every Friday, 5:30-7:30pm

Want to remind yourself with the recurring group meetings? You can add it to your google calendar or just download and import the iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.

Any queries, comments or concerns about the topics can be brought up by the group at a session, or via email: You can also suggest your topics here for the group(s) you are attending.

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