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Mindfulness Based Chemsex Recovery (MBCR) Programme

Following COVID-19 related delays to a launch earlier in 2022, the successful Mindfulness Based Chemsex Recovery (MBCR) programme we launched in May 2019 in Soho, with 2020 and 2021’s follow up courses, held online due to COVID-19 restrictions, returns this year to in person at St. Anne’s Church, Dean Street, Soho from October 9th, 2022. […]


February is LGBT History Month, and some of the team at Spectra have shared here, some of their personal memories in history. From events, to people and iconic places in between. First up is our Operations Manager John, and his memory of the AIDS: Don’t Die of Ignorance Campaign from the mid-1980s. A teenager during […]

A Letter from Myfanwy

Hi, I would just like to express my deep gratitude to all of you at Spectra for the tremendous support you are giving to those of us in the trans and non-binary communities. I am very nearly 62 years old, and have been borderline trans, or something resembling it, for pretty much all my life, […]

Sexual Health Dramatherapy Group

GBTQ MEN LIVING WITH A DISABILITY, HEALTH CONDITION AND/OR ARE NEURODIVERSE – THERAPY SUPPORT GROUP. Spectra are launching a, peer-delivered, 10-week therapy group for gay, bisexual, and queer, cis and trans men to support living with their visible and hidden difference, from May 17th, 2022, to be held in a private and easily accessible location […]

Spectra Coronavirus Advice

From Karen Skipper, Spectra CEO: Spectra Senior Management Team is following the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak and keeping updated on Government advice. Links to that advice are below and we are asking everyone to read it and follow it closely.   The general Government advice can be found at the link below – the information is […]

Spectra Biennial Report 2019-2021

London Trans Pride 2021

Below are some of the many images taken today by the team at Spectra Trans Services as they joined the London Trans Pride’s Peaceful Protest 2021:

Trans Day of Visibility 2021

Since January 2020 Spectra has been running Art Therapy Groups for trans people. For Trans Day of Visibility, some participants have chosen to share some of the images they have created as part of this therapeutic process to give people a glimpse of the amazing creativity and self-expression within our community.  These images were made […]

Statement about 2021 census

At Spectra, we are pleased to see the inclusion of trans status and sexual orientation as optional questions on the 2021 census. However, we are aware there has been a lot of misinformation and confusion regarding these questions, as well as the question about sex. For ease of access, we have highlighted below the key […]

Statement on Tavistock ruling for trans under 16s seeking access to life-saving puberty blockers

At Spectra, we stand with trans youth who are feeling erased and targeted by yesterday’s ruling at the High Court. Whilst the GIDS will appeal, the impact of this case and following media coverage is being felt across the transgender community. Access to HRT and trans affirming medications is heavily gatekept for trans people, with […]

Transgender medication: statement and resource guide

At Spectra we are appalled and dismayed that thousands of transgender people are facing difficulty accessing their medication today. A major private healthcare provider has reported that the chemist they partner with will no longer be permitted to fulfil prescriptions, due to regulatory action by the General Pharmaceutical Council.   These irresponsible restrictions, which came […]