Edward Tetbury

Community Development Coordinator

Edward (he/him pronouns) Edward is the Community Development Coordinator for Trans Services at Spectra and is working to empower and improve the lives of people from Trans/Non-binary Communities.

With over 20 years of experience working within the voluntary sector in frontline roles and specialising in disability, Edward has worked across all clients groups from supporting people with learning disabilities & neurodiverse conditions, to supporting people with sensory loss, physical and hidden disabilities. Edward has a number of basic language skills including French, Spanish, Portuguese and British Sign Language.

Following the current government advice in response to Covid -19, Spectra is suspending all our face to  face services until further notice. These include sexual health outreach and HIV & STI testing.


If you are seeking HIV & STI tests, you can get a home testing kit from https://www.shl.uk/.


If you need any sexual health advice, please use our live chat to speak to our staff.

Service Notice